Apr 4 Saturday
2nd May 2020 Some healthcare workers in our church have put together some content on how to keep safe during the pandemic. We appreciate our healthcare workers and those on the front-line! 4th April 2020 Dear brothers and sisters, after the PM’s speech and the press conference yesterday spelling out the stricter “circuit breaker” measures, ... Read more
Dec 20 Friday
Our Silly Fear Of Resolutions I’ve met many, including Christian leaders, who say that resolutions are useless. If they had meant that we should aspire to grow throughout the year (instead of only once a year), I would have understood their rationale, but still disagreed with their dampening of New Year Resolutions. But sadly, that’s ... Read more
Sep 10 Tuesday
It is not often that anyone looks forward to four hours of toil under the sun. But talk to any of the close to 1,000 volunteers of HOPE worldwide Singapore and you'll be surprised to hear the joy in their voices as they relate their experiences canvassing for donation on Saturday 7 September.It was HOPE's annual flag day, and a majority of the volunteers were from the Central Christian Church. The first of three shifts hit the streets at 8am and the last shift finished 12 hours later at 8pm. Some volunteers even did more than one shift. Armed with a little tin can and a load of enthusiasm, the volunteers approached passers-by tirelessly for donations. It is so encouraging to see volunteers from a very diverse demography.
Jul 18 Thursday
The original Hebrew word for ‘Honour’ is ‘Kabad’, which is defined as being honourable, being respected and being made heavy - something that is important.
Jul 18 Thursday
God healed the broken pieces in me; from brokenness, He pieced my life back into a love-filled and Christ-centered one. God knew that I wouldn’t be stronger without challenges. Yet He never left when I needed him the most, He carried me forward, just like the story of the man walking with his footprints in the sand. I found hope and lasting love with God. The joy that I experience now is something I wouldn’t exchange for anything in the world.
Jul 2 Tuesday
This June, not only did we see Renee graduate summa cum laude (highest distinction), but we also saw the impact she has had in Princeton the past 4 years. When we were there celebrating with Renee, many of her friends in Campus, staff at the dining hall (where she worked part-time), her professors and the christians in the Mercer County church came up to us and shared how Renee touched their lives in different ways. As we were basking in the summer sunshine on Campus, our hearts were glowing with pride, yet thankful to God for blessing our decision of faith 4 years ago. Most inspiring of all, we saw a thriving ministry of 9 awesome disciples in Princeton University.
Jul 1 Monday
We are so excited about our sister Deborah Loh. She is an active member of our youth ministry: committed to God, to her family, and to her craft. Deborah recently garnered a top award at the recent International Ballet Grand Prix Singapore.
Jun 24 Monday
The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.”– Proverbs 13:4 My greatest conviction is to be diligent in my relationship with God. Since I was a child, I loved trying new things, but was not one to persist in anything. When the going became tough ... Read more
Jun 7 Friday
Gaining this conviction didn’t come overnight but through a series of heartbreaks over the years. Though I’ve never dated before, I believe a heartbreak is still a heartbreak, no matter how extensive, how dramatic it may or may not have been. I believe everyone has similar experiences, be it losing a close friend, a treasured pet, a dear family member or a desired relationship.
May 20 Monday
Disappointments may rob us of our dreams, and even make us doubt that God hears our prayers. But He does hear you, and love you. ~ Chan Gin Kai