Important: CCC Advisory On COVID-19

2nd May 2020

Some healthcare workers in our church have put together some content on how to keep safe during the pandemic. We appreciate our healthcare workers and those on the front-line!

4th April 2020

Dear brothers and sisters, after the PM's speech and the press conference yesterday spelling out the stricter "circuit breaker" measures, and in consultation with our church's covid19 crisis response team, the staff would like to give the following directives with regards to our fellowship:

  1. All face to face meetings are to stop as soon as possible. The authorities have said that outside of essential work, we shouldn't even be meeting with our extended family. This means that all discipling times, dates, hangouts, etc., should be done over the phone or online.
  2. Extra focus will be spent on helping specific groups in church to understand the need to adhere to the government's regulations, so that we as a nation can overcome the virus together.
  3. The digital ministry will train the leadership so that sermons can be produced remotely without the need for the production team to physically meet.
  4. The livestream on 5th April will continue as planned, and will include worship, sermon, communion, and poor contribution. The livestream will be at "centralchristianchurchsg" on both YouTube and Facebook. Subscribe to the youtube channel and follow the FB page.
  5. From 12th April onwards, disciples should meet up for Sunday services via Zoom in zone basis and worship together. At 11am, the sermon will be streamed via Youtube and Facebook.
  6. We will have a day of prayer and fasting, starting 9pm on Thursday 9th April, to 9pm on Good Friday 10th April. Details of what to pray and fast for will be sent out soon.
  7. Let us stand united in support of the government's goal to protect lives in Singapore and relieve the healthcare system.

Love, the staff and the covid19 crisis response team of the Central Christian Church
Saturday 4th April 11am

29th March 2020

21st February 2020

"Mustard Seed Faith"

13th February 2020

Update to CCC on the COVID-19 Outbreak


10th February 2020

Dear brothers and sisters,

Thank you for your patience and support during this time. As DORSCON remains at orange level for the foreseeable future, and in view of the recent cluster at The Life Church and Missions, we will:

  1. Continue to hold services in house church level on Sundays. Please procure your own supplies of thermometers and communion elements for your house church services.
  2. Not hold any meetings in the Punggol Church building. All pre-existing bookings will be canceled. Dgroups, celebrations, worship rehearsals, house churches, etc., should be held in home settings. This will aid in contact tracing, as well as protection of our church.
  3. Focus on practicing our Christianity in our bible talks and small groups, as well as at the one-on-one level.

Thank you,
The Staff of the Central Christian Church

7th February 2020

Dear brothers and sisters,

Dorscon level has been raised to orange level throughout Singapore and confirmed by multiple reputable sources.

As what has been previously announced, large church assemblies will be changed to smaller groups wherever applicable.

9th Feb Sunday service will be in house churches.

Youth midweeks tonight on 7th Feb Friday will be canceled.

Campus devotional tonight, bible talks, and discipling groups should continue, but with additional safeguards in place.

Additional precautions should be taken for the golden ministries and children.

Thank you for your patience and prayers during this time.

The staff of the Central Christian Church

4th February 2020

"Update for Central Christian Church on the Wuhan Coronavirus Situation"


31 January 2020

Dear brothers and sisters,

In view of the recent developments with the 2019-nCoV situation in Singapore, we will be canceling the whole church InterGenerational meeting tonight (Friday 31 Jan), as well as canceling changing this Sunday’s worship services (2 Feb). We would like to encourage Christians to stay at home tonight and spend the time praying about the situation; and then on Sunday to meet up in small groups or zones to take communion, worship, and read scripture listen to a sermon that will be circulated to your leaders.

We have reached this decision after much deliberation, input, and prayer. On the one hand, Matthew 10:28 encourages us to not fear bodily harm; yet we are also encouraged to bear with one another’s varying levels of faith (Romans 15:1).

Even though we will be meeting in smaller group settings for the time being, please adhere to the directions in our previous announcement: if you have recently visited China, feel unwell, or display flu-like symptoms, please be considerate and stay at home.

Tonight at 8pm, wherever you are, let us pray:
For the 2019-nCoV to not spread further in Singapore
For God to give us wisdom on how we should conduct our meetings of the body in the next few weeks
For open doors and opportunities to share the gospel during this time
For the safety of our brothers and sisters in China

The staff of the Central Christian Church

29 January 2020

Dear brothers and sisters, as we continue to pray for the novel Coronavirus to not spread; as a church, we are going to take the following measures when we meet as a congregation:

  1. We require any disciples and friends of the church who have visited China, to quarantine themselves at home for 14 days (counting from the day of arrival in Singapore).
  2. If you have any flu-like symptoms (eg., sore throat, body aches, cough, fever), please stay home and rest and seek medical help immediately until recovery. Do not come to church. We will ask any adult or child present at church with such symptoms to return home.
  3. Should you have a friend who is keen to join any service or gatherings of the body, please refer them to points 1 and 2 above.
  4. Let’s do our part by practising good personal hygiene habits and sanitizing our hands regularly. In view of this, we will be taking individually pre-packaged communion bread and wine instead of passing it around in communion trays. Sanitizers will be stationed at different locations in the church.
  5. Sharing news responsibly is a way to protect ourselves. Pls refer to official sources such as the MOH website: or subscribe to the WhatsApp push notification: to get the latest updates on the situation so that no fake news will be circulated.

We seek your understanding as we do our part as a church to protect each other, and take precautions to reduce the risk of community spread in Singapore. The church leadership is monitoring the situation closely, and we are soliciting the advice of medical professionals and other church leaders.

Let’s keep the people in China, especially our fellow disciples in our prayers as well. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Thank you! 😇
The staff of the Central Christian Church.