Honouring our Parents

When was the last time you said ‘I love you’ to your parents?

In the midst of our busyness in life, do we stop to remember our parents enough? How about honouring them?

The original Hebrew word for ‘Honour’ is ‘Kabad’, which is defined as being honourable, being respected and being made heavy - something that is important.

Honouring our parents encompasses respecting them, obeying them, taking care of them and these things shouldn’t stop even when we’re no longer living under their authority. As seen in Matthew 21:28-33, Jesus used parent-child analogies to help illustrate his teachings to different crowds to understand! Jesus himself - while suffering on the cross, made it a point to give a charge to John to take care of His physical mum, Mary!

As we grow older, let us not forget our parents are growing older too. Duh, right? Yet sometimes, we have this mindset that we are the only ones growing up and we take their presence for granted. The truth is - one day they will be gone. Let’s not wait till then to realise we did not love them enough!

Our parents may not be perfect, but so are we. As children, both young and old, let us strive towards showing the utmost honour to our parents who painstakingly brought us up!

We do not have a choice who our parents are, but we do have a choice in what that relationship can become. Let today be the day we say ‘I love you’ to our dads and mums.