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Youth Ministry 

As the Bible commands us to have spiritual and Godly friendship in the body of Christ, it is important for our youths to develop strong spiritual friendship in church. Fitting into the hectic schedule of youths, midweek is also a time for them to catch up with their friends and take a break from their stressful school life. It also allows them to have an opportunity to help one another grow spiritually.

Another important feature of Reach In is that each youth is paired up with a mentor, usually an adult, from church. In the spirit of mature disciples guiding younger ones, mentoring times are set in place so that a youth can have another trusted adult they can talk to and walk with as they go through any challenges they may be facing, be it their studies, their relationships or walk with God.

Having confidence that youths are not just the leaders of tomorrow but leaders today, we strive to help each youth grow in their walk with God.


Life presents itself with countless opportunities and the choices made will be vital in shaping our future. With God, we know we can stand firm and strive to be shining examples in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity 
(1 Timothy 4:12).

Come join our closely knit community of believers, made up of students 
aged 17 to 25 who not only strive for excellence in our academics,
but more importantly, to live lives worthy of the Lord.

EDGE stands for Every Day God is Enough.

Our name reflects our belief that the most important thing we need in our lives is our relationship with God. Also, it reflects our desire to “live on the edge” – to have adventure, fun, and explore all facets of our lives! The EDGE ministry consists of single working professionals, as well as young married couples.

We are diverse! We are represented by Christians who just graduated from Polytechnic, to those in their 60s. We have disciples from 8 different nations, and from all walks of life. You will definitely feel at home with us and find someone you can connect with.

Our vision is to build a spirit led community with strong small groups. 

Parents Ministry 


 Small family support groups that congregate at different corners of Singapore form the heartbeat of the Parents Ministry. Each of these loving groups consist of a few family units either based on their geographical locations or needs, such as the age of their children or the nature of their professions. Each group is unique and provide great support for its members, even to single parent families. Family devotionals, bible discussions and parent-child bonding are regular features in our group activities, all serving to strengthen the connection within the family unit and also to other families within our church community.

Chinese Ministry 


 Our Sunday worship services are life-enriching and suitable for different age groups as they offer a variety of elements, including hymns, praise & worship, as well as concerts. Spiritual and practical preaching is delivered in Mandarin. People from all walks of life, locals and expatriates, gather here as a big multi-generational group. We may be diverse but we’re united, loving one another just like a big family.

Golden Ministry 

 年长部是由年龄从60岁以上的乐龄人士所组成、他们将参与以英语主日崇拜11am、和以华语主日崇拜 3pm ,同时也提供每个月一次的福建班聚会敬拜上帝。家有一老、如有一宝,这群黄金年华的弟兄姊妹非常和蔼可亲,给我们带来不少的亲爱和甜蜜。他们喜爱在一起为神而唱歌、跳舞、遊戏、派对和聚餐,绽放出生命中最灿烂、最精彩的生活。

Comprising brothers and sisters aged 60 years or older, the Golden Ministry welcomes you to join us in our weekly Chinese Ministry Sunday worship services and once-a-month Hokkien worship service occurring in the first week of each month. An important pillar in our spiritual community, the Golden Ministry brings much sunshine and joy to the church through our singing, dancing, playing, celebration and fellowship.