Central Christian Church

We are a community of believers striving to love God and love people.

We believe the Bible is the Word of God, the basis of our beliefs and practices. 

More About Us
Aug 9 Friday
As seasoned singles, no one knows the emotional and spiritual importance of faith, hope and love more than us. We have gone through the mountains and the valleys of the Christian life and we are still fighting the good fight in the faith! We have each shown great determination, patience, humility and perseverance in Christ; wow, that is certainly worth celebrating!
Jul 12 Friday
Dates: 8 March, 10 May, 12 July, 13 Sep, 8 Nov Time: 8pm Speakers and Rooms Allocation 0-6: Agnes Tan & Pat Yeo (Borneo 2) 7-12: Langs (Straits 2) 13-17: John Louis (Straits 1) 18 & above: Steven Tan & Karen Louis (N2/3) Others: Kevin Yeo (Temasek Room) Babysitting Usage: Cry Room
Jul 18 Thursday
The original Hebrew word for ‘Honour’ is ‘Kabad’, which is defined as being honourable, being respected and being made heavy – something that is important.
Jul 18 Thursday
God healed the broken pieces in me; from brokenness, He pieced my life back into a love-filled and Christ-centered one. God knew that I wouldn’t be stronger without challenges. Yet He never left when I needed him the most, He carried me forward, just like the story of the man walking with his footprints in the sand. I found hope and lasting love with God. The joy that I experience now is something I wouldn’t exchange for anything in the world.
Jul 2 Tuesday
This June, not only did we see Renee graduate summa cum laude (highest distinction), but we also saw the impact she has had in Princeton the past 4 years. When we were there celebrating with Renee, many of her friends in Campus, staff at the dining hall (where she worked part-time), her professors and the christians in the Mercer County church came up to us and shared how Renee touched their lives in different ways. As we were basking in the summer sunshine on Campus, our hearts were glowing with pride, yet thankful to God for blessing our decision of faith 4 years ago. Most inspiring of all, we saw a thriving ministry of 9 awesome disciples in Princeton University.