Central Christian Church

We are a community of believers striving to love God and love people.

We believe the Bible is the Word of God, the basis of our beliefs and practices. 

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Aug 9 Friday
As seasoned singles, no one knows the emotional and spiritual importance of faith, hope and love more than us. We have gone through the mountains and the valleys of the Christian life and we are still fighting the good fight in the faith! We have each shown great determination, patience, humility and perseverance in Christ; wow, that is certainly worth celebrating!
Jul 12 Friday
Dates: 8 March, 10 May, 12 July, 13 Sep, 8 Nov Time: 8pm Speakers and Rooms Allocation 0-6: Agnes Tan & Pat Yeo (Borneo 2) 7-12: Langs (Straits 2) 13-17: John Louis (Straits 1) 18 & above: Steven Tan & Karen Louis (N2/3) Others: Kevin Yeo (Temasek Room) Babysitting Usage: Cry Room
Jun 24 Monday
The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.”– Proverbs 13:4 My greatest conviction is to be diligent in my relationship with God. Since I was a child, I loved trying new things, but was not one to persist in anything. When the going became tough … Read more
Jun 7 Friday
Gaining this conviction didn’t come overnight but through a series of heartbreaks over the years. Though I’ve never dated before, I believe a heartbreak is still a heartbreak, no matter how extensive, how dramatic it may or may not have been. I believe everyone has similar experiences, be it losing a close friend, a treasured pet, a dear family member or a desired relationship.
May 20 Monday
Disappointments may rob us of our dreams, and even make us doubt that God hears our prayers. But He does hear you, and love you. ~ Chan Gin Kai