Central Christian Church

We are a community of believers striving to love God and love people.

We believe the Bible is the Word of God, the basis of our beliefs and practices. 

Oct 4 Friday
Why would the magnificent creator of heaven and earth want to have a relationship with mankind? Right from the time of Genesis, after man was driven from the Garden of Eden, God pursued the people He created.
Sep 13 Friday
Dates: 13 Sep, 8 Nov Time: 8pm Speakers and Rooms Allocation 0-6: (Borneo 2) 7-12: (Straits 2) 13-17: (Straits 1) 18 & above: (N2/3) Others: (Temasek Room) Babysitting Usage: Cry Room
Aug 30 Friday
What does success mean to you? MONEY? POWER? INFLUENCE? CAREER?
Feb 29 Saturday
29th March 2020 21st February 2020 13th February 2020 10th February 2020 Dear brothers and sisters, Thank you for your patience and support during this time. As DORSCON remains at orange level for the foreseeable future, and in view of the recent cluster at The Life Church and Missions, we will: Continue to hold services … Read more
Dec 20 Friday
Our Silly Fear Of Resolutions I’ve met many, including Christian leaders, who say that resolutions are useless. If they had meant that we should aspire to grow throughout the year (instead of only once a year), I would have understood their rationale, but still disagreed with their dampening of New Year Resolutions. But sadly, that’s … Read more
Sep 10 Tuesday
It is not often that anyone looks forward to four hours of toil under the sun. But talk to any of the close to 1,000 volunteers of HOPE worldwide Singapore and you’ll be surprised to hear the joy in their voices as they relate their experiences canvassing for donation on Saturday 7 September. It was HOPE’s annual flag day, and a majority of the volunteers were from the Central Christian Church. The first of three shifts hit the streets at 8am and the last shift finished 12 hours later at 8pm. Some volunteers even did more than one shift. Armed with a little tin can and a load of enthusiasm, the volunteers approached passers-by tirelessly for donations. It is so encouraging to see volunteers from a very diverse demography.