EDGE stands for Every Day God is Enough.

Our name reflects our belief that the most important thing we need in our lives is our relationship with God. Also, it reflects our desire to “live on the edge” – to have adventure, fun, and explore all facets of our lives! The EDGE ministry consists of single working professionals, as well as young married couples.

We are diverse! We are represented by Christians who just graduated from Polytechnic, to those in their 60s. We have disciples from 8 different nations, and from all walks of life. You will definitely feel at home with us and find someone you can connect with.

Our vision is to build a spirit led community with strong small groups. We meet as a whole ministry for midweek services on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at our Punggol church building, and on every Friday in small groups throughout Singapore.



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Yo Pros

Our Young Professionals ministry, or “Yo Pros”, helps people to make the transition from campus life to the working world. We are twenty-somethings who want to make a difference in this world! We believe in fun, adventure, and friendships, while at the same time keeping things pure and Christ-centred. We’ve helped to organise volunteerism trips to Chengdu and Phnom Penh, as well as bible discussions about how to be highly effective professionals.



Our professionals are amazing - nearing the apex of their careers, yet using their talents and time to grow in their relationship with God. The men and women in this ministry have organised large scale events like worship concerts, health talks, and spiritual success seminars, as well as smaller, more intimate retreats and gatherings. There is no limit to what they can do, whether it’s learning self-awareness, navigating dating relationships, or translating Christianity to the workplace.

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Wisdom & Grace

This ministry is a family made up of singles and marrieds who are mature yet full of zeal and zest for life. We’ve learned that the key to life is not how young our lives are, but how we apply our lives for God using the wisdom and grace He’s given us. From food trails to book clubs, we seek to live life to the full!

Interest Groups & Volunteerism

Our motto is a ministry for the singles, by the singles, and from the singles. This means that we use our talents and interests to glorify God. Whatever your talents or gifts are – in the EDGE ministry, you can use them to build our community.

The EDGE ministry has also spearheaded various initiatives to do volunteer outreach overseas. Past programmes have included Chengdu in China, Phnom Penh in Cambodia, and various parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.


A few months out of the year, we have TGIF, or Thank God it’s Friday. This is a time when you can create your own interest group, or join an existing one. Our interest groups always change, so do join us for as many as you can, whether it’s volleyball, calligraphy, dance, crochet, basketball, futsal, boardgames, nature trekking or cooking.


We believe that in Singapore, we are blessed by God to give and help others who are less fortunate, whether it’s in Singapore or overseas. Locally, each of our small groups serves the community a few times each year, whether it’s the elderly, disabled, or youth-at-risk. This is all in cooperation with our church’s partner, HOPE Worldwide Singapore.

Spiritual Journey

The EDGE ministry takes our walk with God seriously – whether it’s deep teaching from the bible, prayer, or small group connection.

Bible Study

We offer personal bible studies and mentoring for those who request for it. This may take the form of a set study series, or one that caters to the need of the individual.


Midweek Services and Small Groups

Midweek services, on every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, allow the EDGE ministry to come together and learn from the bible together, at the same time providing discussion times to share safely with somebody how you’ve been doing spiritually. Small groups meet every Friday in various places throughout Singapore to encourage each other to grow in our walk with God.

Cutting EDGE Ministry Training

Once a year, we organise a week long class where a guest speaker teaches an accredited bible course. Students are given practical assignments to learn how to teach and share their knowledge with others. We are currently in partnership with APLA (Asia Pacific Leadership Academy) to help the Christians in the EDGE to dig deep into the bible. We have conducted courses in Old Testament Survey, God and Science, Church History, and look forward to offering more courses in apologetics and other fields.