Here at the Central Christian Church, we have a vibrant and thriving youth ministry consisting of approximately 220 youths. The youth ministry comprises students ranging from Primary 5 all the way to Junior College. One of the themes of our Youth Ministry is: Reach UP, Reach IN and Reach OUT.

Reach UP.
Believing in the importance of youth being rooted in the Bible, the midweek services on Fridays are divided into 3 different sub-groups based on ages. In this way, the Bible lessons can be catered to the needs of each age-group and allowing them to apply it to their lives.

Reach IN.
As the Bible commands us to have spiritual and Godly friendship in the body of Christ, it is important for our youths to develop strong spiritual friendship in church. Fitting into the hectic schedule of youths, midweek is also a time for them to catch up with their friends and take a break from their stressful school life. It also allows them to have an opportunity to help one another grow spiritually.

Another important feature of Reach In is that each youth is paired up with a mentor, usually an adult, from church. In the spirit of mature disciples guiding younger ones, mentoring times are set in place so that a youth can have another trusted adult they can talk to and walk with as they go through any challenges they may be facing, be it their studies, their relationships or walk with God.

Having confidence that youths are not just the leaders of tomorrow but leaders today, we strive to help each youth grow in their walk with God.

 Reach OUT.
As Jesus commands us to be Salt and Light of the World (Matthew 5:13-16), the youth in our church seeks to Reach OUT to the community around them. Serving in the community through volunteerism, each youth in our ministry is encouraged to engage in community projects to help the less fortunate around them. For the older teens in the youth ministry, Reach OUT could mean to reach out to people who are seeking to have a relationship with God.

Preteens – 11 & 12 years old

Building a strong spiritual foundation in children is the main focus of our Preteens Ministry. As children mature rapidly during those crucial years, the preteens ministry seeks to help children grow in their knowledge of God as well as in their characters.

The midweek and Sunday lessons of the Preteens Ministry use engaging and fun ways to connect biblical truths to their lives. Many of the lessons are focused on formation of values and character building. Having midweek services also allow these Preteens to have the opportunity to fellowship and hang out with their friends after a whole week of school, building friendships that will last throughout their teenage years.

The Preteens Ministry has a monthly outdoor service where they can enjoy the company of each other. Some outdoor services include community service to the community such as visiting an elderly centre.

A period of transition, one of the focuses of the Young Teen Ministry is to help young teens get grounded in biblical truths. As they mature and transit into secondary schools, young teens gain greater freedom in their lives and many expand their social circle. As friends play a greater part in their lives, it is important to help young teens develop their own belief and convictions in life. Mentors starts to help young teens study the bible seriously, sometimes meeting up once a week to dig deep into the Bible. It is also during this age group that many youths make the decision to follow Jesus. 

Young teens in our church also start to take on some responsibilities such as leading prayers, organising some games and helping their friends learn more about the bible.

Teens – 15 – 18years old

 A period of incredible growth in a teenager, the Teens ministry seeks to develop and empower each youth in their own walk with God. The midweek lessons cover deeper theological concepts and helps teens apply it in their lives. Allowing teens to take greater ownership of their ministry, mentors help to train teens to use their talents and gifts to serve the church. Many of our teens serve in the church through song-leading, playing in the band, leading bible discussions, organising outreach and many more.

As this is also the period whereby teens go through major national examinations, mentors also supports them through this potentially stressful period in their lives through guidance and encouragement.