Parents Ministry


There is so much pressure put on the family unit these days in the pursuit of financial success and educational excellence, but sometimes at a high cost. While these are certainly not bad goals, the Parents Ministry recognizes that one of the greatest challenges facing modern Singaporeans is that of raising a loving and well-rounded family.

We believe that the key to promoting a balanced and healthy family dynamic is to help marriages become stronger, while teaching biblical parenting skills. The church offers many ‘tools’ to the Parents Ministry such as ongoing marriage counselling, parenting workshops, and close-knit, loving small groups.

The Parents Ministry is led by John & Karen Louis; they are supported by Richard and Serina Cheong, David and Wai Yee Lang, Steven and Agnes Tan along with Kelvin and Pat Yeo. The Parents Ministry welcomes parents of all ages, from new parents to those of secondary and tertiary level students, as well as empty-nesters.

Family Support Groups

Small family support groups that congregate at different corners of Singapore form the heartbeat of the Parents Ministry. Each of these loving groups consist of a few family units either based on their geographical locations or needs, such as the age of their children or the nature of their professions. Each group is unique and provide great support for its members, even to single parent families. Family devotionals, bible discussions and parent-child bonding are regular features in our group activities, all serving to strengthen the connection within the family unit and also to other families within our church community.

Marriage Counselling & Workshops

We believe that a strong marriage forms the bedrock of a cohesive and connected family. Biblical principles of love and respect are taught through our “I Choose Us” marriage programme. Marriage Counselling and mentoring is readily available to couples seeking to strengthen their marriage.

Parenting workshops

The formation of one’s character starts in the home and parenting matters! The Parents Ministry equips its members with knowledge and training to better raise emotionally healthy children. The signature programme, “Good Enough Parenting” which is based on biblical principles and empirical research, has empowered many parents to meet their children’s core emotional needs, thereby helping them to excel in life.


Family Volunteerism

Families that volunteer together to serve the needy and unfortunate actually learn to build empathy and compassion together. Through our partnership with HOPE Worldwide Singapore, the families in the Parents Ministry are engaged in volunteering opportunities throughout the year to reach out to the underprivileged around us. ​

Personal / Couple Bible Studies

A fundamental belief in the Parents Ministry is that our faith and family need to be anchored in God and His Word. To that end, personalized as well as couple bible studies are offered to anyone seeking clarity in one’s meaning in life and/or family direction.

Sunday Kids Kingdom

The Sunday Kids Kingdom is a vibrant children’s ministry run mainly by passionate volunteers in the church to serve all our active kids from 18 months to 12 years old, all eager to learn about the bible and build moral character in their young years. These children grow up together and build fond memories with each other and the teachers as they learn and have fun together in a positive, godly environment.