Golden ministry 乐龄黄金组

年长部是由年龄从60岁以上的乐龄人士所组成、他们将参与以英语主日崇拜11am、和以华语主日崇拜3pm ,同时也提供每个月一次的福建班聚会敬拜上帝。家有一老、如有一宝,这群黄金年华的弟兄姊妹非常和蔼可亲,给我们带来不少的亲爱和甜蜜。他们喜爱在一起为神而唱歌、跳舞、遊戏、派对和聚餐,绽放出生命中最灿烂、最精彩的生活。

Comprising brothers and sisters aged 60 years or older, the Golden Ministry welcomes you to join us in our weekly Chinese Ministry Sunday worship services and once-a-month Hokkien worship service occurring in the first week of each month. An important pillar in our spiritual community, the Golden Ministry brings much sunshine and joy to the church through our singing, dancing, playing, celebration and fellowship.
We provide Bible study, home visits, and biblical counseling for seniors, as we build each other up to love the Lord more deeply and serve Him more wholeheartedly. We also provide workshops on family life and active ageing as we prepare to meet the physical and socio-psychological challenges of our Golden years together in faith, hope, and love.