Deep Bible Teaching Series (“I Will Be Your God And You Will Be My People”)

Why would the magnificent creator of heaven and earth want to have a relationship with mankind? Right from the time of Genesis, after man was driven from the Garden of Eden, God pursued the people He created. What’s more, He gave specific instructions to help them return back to Eden and have a celebratory relationship with Him. Not only did God want man to return, He also wanted them to dwell in His house, follow His decrees, and experience His blessings. Join us for a four-part series that will look at Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus as one continuous story about the heart of God for humanity.

Come and Join Us On…

4 October (Friday), 8:00PM

6 October (Sunday), 11:00AM

18 October (Friday), 8:00PM

20 October (Sunday), 11:00AM