Jul 24 Friday
"I Choose Us" is an informative, engaging, and life-changing which combines movies, cartoons, biblical insights, and research to help couples have a more fulfilling marriage.
May 23 Saturday
During this pandemic, some of us feel lonely and others find it difficult to express what they feel about the situation. These unhealthy behaviors are rooted in negative thinking and are called “lifetraps” (schemas). Where did they come from?
May 7 Thursday
Oct 4 Friday
Why would the magnificent creator of heaven and earth want to have a relationship with mankind? Right from the time of Genesis, after man was driven from the Garden of Eden, God pursued the people He created.
Sep 13 Friday
Dates: 13 Sep, 8 Nov Time: 8pm Speakers and Rooms Allocation 0-6: (Borneo 2) 7-12: (Straits 2) 13-17: (Straits 1) 18 & above: (N2/3) Others: (Temasek Room) Babysitting Usage: Cry Room
Aug 30 Friday
What does success mean to you? MONEY? POWER? INFLUENCE? CAREER?
Aug 9 Friday
As seasoned singles, no one knows the emotional and spiritual importance of faith, hope and love more than us. We have gone through the mountains and the valleys of the Christian life and we are still fighting the good fight in the faith! We have each shown great determination, patience, humility and perseverance in Christ; wow, that is certainly worth celebrating!
Aug 4 Sunday
The original Hebrew word for ‘Honour’ is ‘Kabad’, which is defined as being honourable, being respected and being made heavy - something that is important.
Jan 1 Thursday
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