Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ and Friends,

With the latest MCCY Covid-19 Endemic Phase guidelines, we are pleased to announce that we will be opening up the church for live services. Here are some guidelines for you to be informed about.


Our nation of Singapore is currently seeing a wave of high Covid cases. We will continue to be vigilant and follow the government’s directives as we transit into the endemic phase, learning ‘to live with Coronavirus’ as part of our lives.

We will continue with our Sunday live services, limiting the current capacity to 96 vaccinated pax, in groups of two, with proper social distancing measures in place.

To take our vigilance further, we also require:

1. Mandatory ART: All attendees to perform ART self test before service (maximum of 24 hrs before worship service time). Attendees are required to show their test results at registration.

2.Those aged 60 and above are advised not to attend services

3.Those who registered but feel unwell, with symptoms of fever, flu, cough, tiredness etc to practise self-care, and to rest at home.

God has watched over us as a church through this challenging past year and a half, and will continue to do so as we walk in faith and obedience to Him. We pray for us all to stay safe.

“Measures updated as of 29th September 2021”