Dear brothers and sisters, we are happy to announce that, with the recent easing of the SMMs (From 29 Mar), we are glad to
implement the following changes. 

1. For Worship Services 

– Worship Services are still under Vaccinated-Differentiated Sites (VDS)

– Worshippers must mask on whilst in premise. This includes the carpark area (to avoid confusion of social distancing needed). 

– No max group size limit for masked-on activities, which allows for fellowship during church services

– Worshippers can sing with mask on

– Consumption of food and drinks is generally NOT allowed in the building unless the venue/room is booked for the
   provision of food consumption

2. Usage of church building 

– The building will only open for Sunday church service at 1030am. Please arrive from that time onwards.

– Entry to building is only by event or service. There is no free-access for now. Please stick to your event time. 

– Food and drinks are only allowed if you have booked a venue in church, regarding the booking of rooms please kindly please work with your ministry staff for booking of venues. 


Please note that the following SMMs that is still in place (see below for details).

1. Wear masks at all times.
3. No group size limit when masked-on.
4. No loitering inside or outside church building.
5. Listen for instructions by SMAs for dismissal.
6. No foods and drinks at all times.

We look forward to seeing you soon! God bless.

CCC Service Team
29th March 2022